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The New York government has three branches of judicial courts. They are completely duty bound to follow interpretation, create laws and enforcement of laws. Wisconsin court also has various roles but still the whole courts are committed to do justice without any partiality and by the law. Wisconsin circuit court has come out with an exclusive website in order to provide complete accessibility to the courts public records. Online information is an exact detail of the case management which are present in documents. This is an online version, which is circulated for the convenience of the users. Every case gets recorded and the public can view the summary under the Wisconsin records.

Overview of the Wisconsin Court system

This overview is going to explain about the court systems and procedure and how information can be accessed.

  • Municipal courts
    Under this system it has 237 codes and 240 judges. Major cases under the municipal courts like parking, traffic issues, ordinance problems, drunk and drive, juvenile cases, drug abuse, violating the curfew rules are also part of this case history. In order to form a court all municipalities can come together and create. They can be in the same place and there is no number restriction to join in the election of municipality judge.
  • Duties of municipal courts
    Ordinance violation is completely covered under the jurisdictions of municipal courts. It is mandatory that every municipality has a court and every ordinance violation needs to be followed in the circuit Court. Jury trials will not be considered here and every case completely gets decided over the judges’ control. If a person is being charged for drunk and drive, he or she can definitely be put on trial under the circuit Court. Sometimes the defendants will be under the waiting list until the judgement is provided.
  • Municipal courts – court clerks
    This is an exclusive network for the court clerks in order to share and pass over the information within the chosen network. The court clerk has to get the subscription of the network provided to them and they can submit every information and request to the following email ID. [email protected]

Wisconsin circuit Court access

Case search

  • Enter into the link
  • Case search page gets opened
  • Complete the first option by typing party’s last name ,first name and middle name
  • Enter the date of birth
  • Key in the business name by typing the first 3 letters
  • Choose the drop down menu of county to select the right
  • Type the case number in the option
  • Click the button search

Wisconsin Supreme Court and court of appeal access

Case search

  • Open the link
  • Type in the appeal number as shown in the example
  • Type the circuit Court case number
  • Enter the parties last, first and middle name
  • Key in the business name and ensure you type the first three letters of it
  • Give the Attorney’s last and first name
  • Choose the dropdown menu of county and select the right
  • Select the court type
  • Choose the district
  • Type the filing date and also choose the period
  • Choose the case status
  • Give the class code
  • Click the option search

Wisconsin Court Access – Circuit court/Appellate Court

New user Registration

  • Enter into the link or
  • Select the option “electronic filing” section
  • Click the option “create an account”
  • Select the right “user type” given below in the options
  • Click the option “next”
  • Type your “username”
  • Provide new password
  • Retype the new password
  • Give your first name
  • Type in your middle name or the initial
  • Give your last name
  • Do not forget to give suffix
  • To sign electronically provide your signature in my signature column
  • Give your email address
  • Retype your given email address
  • Click the option “next”
  • You need to give your recovery contact in the next page where we can provide your email address or mobile phone
  • Press the button “Next”
  • Choose any 3 of the security questions given in the list
  • Press the option “next”
  • In the next page it would ask for the answers to the chosen questions
  • Now press the button “create account”

Email Instructions

  • In order to activate your account you like to follow the instructions given in the email sent
  • Check your username and the email address given the email id and record the same
  • If you find that your email address is not correct we can change immediately by clicking the option “change your email address”
  • If you have got the pin from your email you have to click the option “activate your account”
  • Your account is created

Login Procedure for court e-filing – wisconsin ccap

  • Enter into the link or
  • Choose the required court from the index
  • Click the option e filing
  • E-filing web page gets opened
  • Provide your username and the registered password
  • Press the option “login”

Forgotten username and password

  • Open the link or
  • Choose the required court from the index
  • Click the e-filing section
  • Select the link “can’t access your account or need a new Pin?”
  • It will redirect to the account recovery page

Click the first link if you don’t know the username

  • Provide the recovery phone number for the registered primary email address
  • Option “next”
  • Username recovery message will be sent to your respective mail ID
  • Follow the instructions as given in the mail

Click the link I don’t know my password

  • Provide your username in” the username column
  • Authorisation code will be forwarded to the registered email id and the respective associated mobile number
  • Click the option “next”

Select the link I need a new pin

  • You need to login to the Wisconsin e-courts
  • Provide your username
  • Type in your password
  • You can find the new pin generated web page
  • Click the option “activate your account” once you receive the pin

How to update your ecourt account information? – wisconsin ccap

  • Open the link
  • Check your user information whether every detail you have provided is correct
  • If you want to update your password or security questions you can click the necessary link
  • Update password click the update password link
  • Provide your current password
  • Type in your new password
  • Retype the new password
  • Press the option “save”

If you want to update the security question click the link update security question

  • The list of security question gets displayed and you can choose any three
  • Click the option “next”
  • Provide the answers for the selected questions
  • Press the option “save”

Wisconsin Circuit Courts

States trial courts come under the system of Wisconsin circuit Court. Almost 249 circuit Court judges are found in this system which gets divided according to the branches. Every county definitely has a branch and approximately 6 counties are sharing the courts and judges. 72 counties form judicial administrative departments in 9 districts. The Chief Judge will be appointed in every district by the respective Supreme Court. The tenure period for the Chief Judge will be three years in two terms. He would completely administer the district and direct legally. Under the role of Chief Judge, a new person as a deputy Chief Judge will be appointed in order to take care of the responsibility in the absence of the Chief Judge. Monthly meetings would be conducted in the intermittent committee to review about the district court administration. Independent election for the circuit Court clerks will be conducted under the control of the chief judge.

Wisconsin Circuit Courts responsibility

Multiple amendments were proposed by the voters of Wisconsin to create the circuit Court in 1977. It created a way for reorganization because before this, Wisconsin had two different systems under trial courts and they were the County and Circuit courts respectively. The workload was separated to both the counties in order to handle the other problems. The reorganization structure was initiated and it created a unified Court system. Civil and criminal matters under the jurisdiction of circuit courts will be handled and alongside juvenile issues, traffic problems, civil issues and criminal trials would be also under the jurisdiction.

Wisconsin Circuit courts – clerks

Clerks are publicly administrative and also their tenure period is 4 years since their elected time. They have different kinds of responsibilities to function like record keeping. Maintenance of records, documents from the courts, Court proceedings, fees collections, fine, court orders are completely taken responsibility by the clerks of courts. They also need to maintain the records confidentially since no case leaking should take place. Yet another responsibility assigned for the clerks is managing the jury. Courts nowadays come out with the procedure of automation and record keeping functionality should be efficient so that managing issues becomes a simplified process. Fee collections, fines are routed through only the clerk’s office so the clerks have to be really responsible by providing accurate calculation and should be well versed in handling accounting matters. Nowadays there are many software related to financial management available where the clerks have to learn them in order to be quick, faster and efficient in money handling.

Clerks are also a part of the administrative department who directly deal with people and they would completely meet out different kinds of problems every day. They should act as a bridge between the judiciary and the public. They also have to ensure that there is no problem in managing things. Undoubtedly they are assigned with multiple tasks for which they have to be a multitasking personality of handling administration financial matters, public issues and also maintain the process smoothly. Access webcrims for finding criminal case records

Wisconsin Court of Appeals – wisconsin ccap

The Wisconsin state bar has initially approved the court of appeal in 1958 and by 2000 the Supreme Court has given the seal completely to establish the Wisconsin Court of appeals. The model “lady justice” has been officially announced; hence the logo started publishing on the publications and stationary of state bar for long years. By 1998, it was completely taken off when remodelling of the logo took place, started by the bar centre.

The intermediate appellate court in the state is what we call here as the Court of appeals. The judges constituted 16 numbers from four different districts. The Court of Appeals judge is appointed by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. The assigned person completely takes care of the administration issue including the whole Court of appeal and contributes with complete participation in case decisions. The tenure of the judge is 3 years.

The fundamental role of the court of appeal is to ensure no error takes place in the level of circuit Court. The court opinions are completely a binding procedure and no one can preside over until the Supreme Court intervention takes place. The Supreme Court itself has completely authorized the court of appeals that it can take the function of defining the law and developing the law.

The court is basically to work on the concept with three judge panels in order to make the decision based on the appeal merits. Various categories are completely taken forward by the single judge. Cases like ordinance violations, traffic violations, juvenile, contempt of court, small claims are included in this jurisdiction. Every issue is completely a written decision with respective to the court of appeal. The publication committee of the respective Court will determine whether the taken decision needs to be published or not.

Usual swaps take place between the judges of trial courts and the appeal courts. This is what we call a judicial exchange program which was introduced in the year 1996 in order to make the appeal judges clearly know the procedures, practices and also understand the problems involved in the trial courts. Complete program history of the judicial exchange program can be found in the following link.

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Symbolic depiction of the logo establishes the Wisconsin Supreme Court seal. The justice scale found in the Greek goddess Artemis who is blindfolded, presents the symbolic representation of justice in the hands of judges. Totally 7 judges are found in the Supreme Court which is considered as the highest court in the state. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has jurisdiction and also holds the power to decide the hearing of appeals. It also gets the exact action of cases which are yet to be for hearings in the lower Court.

The fundamental functions of Wisconsin Supreme Court are

  • Deciding the case
  • Administrative powers
  • Legislations and regulations

Deciding the case role

This is the basic role of the Wisconsin Supreme Court in order to implement the independent functionalities, fair judgements, efficient way of dispute resolution with respect to the state and Federal laws. Various numbers of cases can be found in the Supreme Court.
Petition can be filed in the appeal Court for the lost case
Party has the complete privilege to bypass the appeal courts case and request supreme Court to take forward
Appeal Court can request the Wisconsin Supreme Court to proceed with Case
At the time of the case decision the court looks forward to the written arguments from every level and fixing the attorneys presentations to finally be judged. After the oral arguments the court comes forward with its own decisions.

Administrative roles

The Wisconsin Supreme Court system completely takes over the administrative functionalities and ensures that the system smoothly operates without any biased working environment. Look out what kind of administrative functions the Supreme Court is into.

Financial role

Apart from the case decision the administration of the court system is completely relied under the Supreme Court. Even the budget process is taken control by the staff members and it further travels through the law and legislation in order to define the priorities. The court would look forward show the feedback from every judge and staff members till the budget process successfully gets completed

Long term plan

As everyone knows the court procedure is in the automation system so the technology is supported in a huge way as the cases are moving towards the online case management system. The court reminds us to accept, adapt and acknowledge technologies where they enforce every kind of process into the system to make the court procedure effective and productive.

Legislation and regulation

One of the significant Supreme Court functions is to monitor the legal regulations in Wisconsin County. Board of bar examiners is established in order to take care of the compliances and regulations put forward by the lawyers to meet the requirements. The court never fails to establish the professional conduct rules by investigating and listening to the grievances. Judiciary of Wisconsin is completely regulated by the Supreme Court by putting the ordinance of judicial education, where the requirements of attending programs by the judges are ensured.


Where to get the details about the municipal Court websites?

Enter into the link
On the right side of the web page you will find navigate this section
Click the fourth option Court websites
You can find the external links of the court website which can definitely take to the government Wisconsin site

How to get the newsletter of municipal courts?

Municipal courts’ publishes a newsletter called “Muni view”. This comes periodically which has legislation information and also explains about the court system. Every issue is available in the website itself and can download it in the PDF format. For more details you can directly visit the link and download the newsletter
Open the link
Right side of the webpage will have navigate this section option
Click the fifth option newsletter

How to get the list of Judges under the court of appeal?

Open the link
Right side of the web page will have the option navigate the section
Click the link and you can find the current judges list

How to look out for the supreme courts calendar?

The Supreme Court calendar gives you the list of arguments, dates, conferences details, hearings opened to the public, and also includes official options. If you want to get the conference list and holding agendas you can find the clear details by opening the following link
Enter into the link

Is there any possibility to visit the Supreme Court?

The State Capitol building is where you can find the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Any visitor is really welcome to the supreme courts hearing room and they can also participate in the proceedings of the court. Sometimes you can also check out special programs scheduled for the school in order to get them introduced about the oral arguments during their lunch time. If you are in need of official information you can get by emailing to the court information office.

How to do public domain citation search in the Wisconsin Court system?

Open the link
Click the option public domain citation search
Choose the dropdown option of PDC and select the right year
Select the dropdown option of PDC court and choose the right court
Type in the PDC number
Check the case decision or published documents box according to your search
Click the option “search”

List out the searching options of files documents in Wisconsin Court system

Enter into the link
Choose the option file documents
Type the appeal number
Choose the district by clicking the dropdown option
Type the date and select the period
Give the document title
Type the full text search
Check the box download uncertified documents for annotation
Click the option “search”

How do we get the complete accessibility to the Wisconsin circuit courts public records?

The Wisconsin circuit courts enable the option to get the information from the court case management and there are some agreements to be e noted before utilizing the website
Every hourly uploading of case information is processed in the website and sometimes it gets delayed if their website gets into the technical problems.
Any information that you get from the website is perfectly e accurate
County uses the system in various options and times and the changed cases will have lack of information
Records which are confidential and not supposed to be published will not be displayed in the website

Why are certain cases found absent on WCCA?

Multiple reasons are found for certain cases not present in the website and they are
Old records are cases would not have been included
Mental issues options and juvenile cases are strictly not to be published in the website because they are confidential
Certain cases are completely ordered by the judge to be sealed and to be prevented from the public’s view
Dismissed cases cannot be displayed because the record would be for only a limited period of time.

Even after the case gets dismissed WCCA website still displays. What could be the reason?

If the person’s case is dismissed and not considered as accused then that becomes the disclosed records in the history. Though the case gets dismissed, the results are published in the court office. This is the reason why the retention of the case can be found on the displayed information

How to handle incorrect information of cases which are found displayed on the WCCA website?

You are supposed to give your petition if any way you are involved in the issue. Sometimes there are chances to have mistaken identity and you need to provide the petition for name removal from the record and only the petition can take forward to complete the process. Once the judge reviews the petition that you have filed you can definitely be granted by removing the name from the online list. Your information gets sealed and it can be found only in the paper record.

What are the guidelines to submit comments?

Comment should be type typed in the version of hard copy.
Person who writes comment should have one original copy of the submission and 9 photo copies
The hard copies should be poster to the address:
Clerk- supreme court
P.O.Box 1688
WI 53701
Alongside with the hardcopy submission and email also should be sent in the MS word version to the following email [email protected]
The comment will be selected and related to the respective rule petition
Comment copy would be send to the petitioner on time

 Who can be registered to utilize the e-filing option?

Find below the details who can register in order to make use of the option called e filing system
Self represented parties
Legal secretaries
Local government staff
Filing agents
Non party filers
Permitted filers

How to pay the court fees for the finds through an online option?

One of the convenient options for the users is to pay the court fees or fines through online to all the Wisconsin counties. You can make the payment if you have a Mastercard, Visa card and other electronic checks. They are considered to be a non refundable fee option
Open the link
Click the option “continue”
To search for the respective case use the option search
Once you track the case select the option on the case number
Click the “view case” details option
Press the “pay citation” button
Now you can make your online payment

How to play the Wisconsin circuit Court access fees online?

Wisconsin circuit Court access allows paying your fees online and you need to use your MasterCard, electronics or visa for processing the payment.
Enter into the link
Provide the parties last name, first name and middle name
Type in the birth details
Give your business name
Choose the dropdown menu of county option and select the required
Provide your case number
Type in the citation number
Go for the searching option

At the time of emergency of any information seeking how to contact the court?

You might have difficulties to get information on the website for downloading file would not have been possible for all these kinds of reason you can follow the below steps
Enter into the link or
Select the option Contact the court which is on the top right corner of the webpage
Provide your email address
Give the subject of your message in short in the subject row
You can type in your message in the message box
Select the recaptcha box “I am not a robot”
Press “send”

What is the way to get the Wisconsin Supreme Court rules?

Supreme Court rules get changed and it is published only after the approval of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. To find the details of the rules and also to download the PDF version you have to follow the below given options
Enter into the link
Publication of the roles will be in the PDF format

How the Supreme Court rules are made?

Wisconsin state has the power to make Supreme Court rules and complete administration is conferred by the constitution and articles. Operating procedures in order to create rules are being adopted by the court.

What are the steps involved in filing a Supreme Court rule petition?

In order to file a petition for the Supreme Court rules change anybody can come out with the initiation procedure by petition submission to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. There is a petition format which needs to be followed in order to maintain the consistency and adhere to the guidelines.

How to get the guidelines for submitting the rule petition?

Open the link
Below the Supreme Court rules description you can find two versions of rules submissions
Click the word version if you want the document in word
Click the PDF version if you want the document in PDF format

Can we comment on the Supreme Court rule petition?

 Comment submission is possible for anybody and it can be made at the time of commenting. If you have registered your comments it should adhere to the protocols given. Before publishing it will be reviewed and finally take a decision to record the comments or not.

Can you provide the direct elogin links to the respective courts?

Wisconsin Circuit Court Efiling-
Wisconsin Appellate ecourt filing-

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