The New York State Unified Court System has established a website ‘webcrims’. It helps in getting access to all the criminal cases in a single click through the online website. All the future appearances dates are also updated time-to-time for the users. Webcrims includes the data of criminal courts in many cities which includes New York City and Suffolk and Nassau Counties, the County Court in Erie County, the County Courts in the Ninth Judicial District, and the Buffalo City Court. The Counties includes n the Ninth Judicial District are Rockland, Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, and Westchester Counties.

It should be noted that the information related to summons is not provided straightaway. It takes several weeks to upload them from the date on which it is issued. The users can check the website frequently to check when their summons’ details are available on it. Webcrims ny answers many questions such as who was charged within New York or who was arrested in the New York and under what charges they have been arrested.

How to Search a Case on Webcrims

  • Visit the Webcrims New York Official Website : https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcrim_attorney/AttorneyWelcome
  • Firstly, and most importantly the website visitor should read all the terms of use very carefully so that he/she doesn’t break any condition or rule and may get punished for it. If the user agrees with all the terms of use, he/she has to write a Captcha in order to prove himself/herself a human and has to check the green box stating ‘I agree’.
  • The next page shows several search options based on the available information with the user. He/she can choose the suitable option for him/her.

Case Identifier: An option is to find the case through the summons number or the case number on webcrims.

Defendant Name: Another way to find is the defendant search where the user has to write the defender’s name and he/she must write at least 2 letters of the first name.

Court Calendar: There is one more search option named the court calendar search. That fetches the cases based on the calendar dates.

Case Identifier SearchDefendant Name SearchCourt Calendar Search

Once you are comfortable with the appropriate option. Then, the user is required to put in the name and can specify the county for better search results on the web crims. An all-county search can also be done by the user. The output format has to be selected by the user. There are two ways through which the user can view the information on webcrims ny.

  • One is to download the information in a pdf format and save it in the system to view it with a pdf viewer. It can also be used for future references and the user will not have to put in the data again by opening the web crims.
  • The other way is to view the information on the website itself. But if the user needs to check the information again, he/she will have to open the website and fill in the data again the next time. Select the appropriate option and click on the green search box.

All the pending cases associated with the data will be displayed on the website or will be saved into the computer. It will include all the important information such as the next court date, case number, the part and the court where the case is being heard.

If the user wants to take more information from the webcrims ny, he/she has to click on the highlighted case number displayed on the screen. The information provided may include arrest number, NYSID number, time and date of arrest, the police precinct that made the criminal arrested, etc.

To get even more information, the user needs to look at the box on the left named ‘case details’. For example, if the user clicks on charges, the web crims website will show all the charges which are pending in the court against the person. The exact Penal Law Section will also be displayed along with the charges.

The ‘appearance’ section will show all the court appearances that a person has made in each of the scheduled hearings of the case. If any of the motions have been made on the case or not can easily be checked by clicking on the ‘motions’ section.

Every person should gather as much information as possible before appearing in the court because it helps the lawyers in defending them by forming more valid points in favor of them. Sometimes some unknown information comes into notice which can be highly valuable for a case. But the information found by the user on the webcrims ny should always be rechecked as it may be inaccurate in a few rare instances.

Case Identifier Search

If a person wants to find information related to his/her case and has the summons number or case number, he/she can use the case identifier search on the web crims website. It is a better way to get the accurate data without the need to scroll through several cases to find yours as the case number and summons number is unique to every case filed in a court.

In order to get more accurate search results, the user can put in the county or court in which his/her case is being heard. This is an optional field to fill but it will help in reducing the search results for better accuracy and find the exact case which the user is trying to find.

While putting in the data, the user should select whether he/she would like to view the information on the webpage of webcrims ny or want to download it in the pdf format and view it with a pdf viewer software. It is an optional selection but if the user doesn’t select any of those, it will provide the data on the webpage by default.

Defendant Search

This search option lets the users find the case or summons information with the help of the first and last name of the defender or the corporation’s name. The user is required to fill in at least 2 characters of the first and last name each and while searching through the corporation’s name, the user should fill in at least 5 characters of the corporation.

It is advised for the users to fill in the country and county where the case is being heard if possible because there would be many cases of different people or companies having the same name. This will help in narrowing the search results to find the accurate case information easily on the webcrims ny.

Court Calendar Search

This search option helps in generating the court calendar by filling in the Court Part or Judge. It is limited to the County and Supreme Court. The user has to select the court where his/her or the corporation’s case is being heard. This is a necessary field because then only the web crims would be able to find the court calendar for the respective courts. The start date and end date have to be entered by the user which represent the time period of which the user wants to see the court calendar. The start date cannot be field as an earlier date than the current date. It is not a necessary field but it may help in narrowing the search results on web crims.

Another necessary field is the Judge’s last name or the County Part. The user needs to fill in one of the options. One or more County Parts can be filled in on the data page.

Afterwards, it requires the user to select the preferred output format between the pdf document or information on the same webpage.

What the Users cannot Find on Webcrims?

The cases which have been dismissed on the web crims cannot be found on the website and neither the information of the closed cases is available on it. The cases which don’t have any future date are not available on the webcrims.

There are situations where the judge seals the case and these cases are not available on the website either. If someone is arrested, the case doesn’t appear on the website, so it cannot be used as the arrest inquiry website because it is initially set up to find information related to the cases currently being heard in the court.

Webcrims is a site that helps in finding information related to the cases currently being heard in the court. There are 3 ways through which any person can find information related to any case available on the webcrims ny. The 3 ways are case identifier, defendant search, and attorney calendar. There are cases which don’t appear on the web crims such as cases of a youthful offender, closed cases, cases sealed by the judge, etc.


Which of the courts are included in the webcrims inmate lookup online platform?

The webcrims new york or Web crims inmate lookup or NYC judiciary case search have the data collected for the public view from several courts including New York City, Nassau, and Suffolk counties criminal court. County courts of Erie, Orange, Rockland, etc. Including the city courts of various cities like Amsterdam, Buffalo, Dunkirk, Geneva, etc. A more detailed version of this category could be found on the website

What type of information can someone find on the webcrims NY online lookup?

The information is in 2 parts, one is basic and the other in detailed information. In the basic information, the defendant’s name, case number, and details regarding the next appearances can be found. While, if you want to get more information by clicking on the case number followed by the # symbol will give a more detailed version of the case information. It also allows you to view the appearance, charge and the motion information on the online platform

How many cases, or which type of cases are displayed on the webcrims NYC?

Some filters are applied before showing any case to the online user on the NYC judiciary case search. The finished cases, sealed cases, including the eligible youthful offender, etc. It only shows the active cases with the future appearance date. Other cases are not listed but if you still want information regarding them, then you have to follow the procedure by submitting a written application in the court requesting to access the files

What is the update time of the cases?

Being an online portal, Webcrims inmate lookup has to be regularly updated by someone. Although, it depends on the court and the court may take a day or two while giving the next appearance and the portal updated within a day.

What should be made sure while looking for a case?

There are some requirements to use the Webcrims or the NYC judiciary case search, that the basic information will be visible easily to you, but when you click on the case number to view detailed information of the cases, there is a pop-up and if you have blocked the pop-ups you can not view the information as it will open up in a new window, but you can easily disable it by clicking on the little red notification in the browser on the right side of the URL bar

What is the procedure to find a case on the webcrims platform?

While looking for a case, there is a certain procedure or things to keep in mind. There are several options provided on the Web crims newyork portal that we can choose from including, Case identifier search where you only search for the case number, the other is defendant search and in that option, you are required to put the defendant’s first or last name in the portal or if there is a corporation, the corporation’s name will do the work.

What are the expected outcomes when I search for a case?

As simple as that looks is, the webcrims inmate lookup may only give two results, either a successful search and the window with the cases, or a wrong search and no result, in that case, check the entered information and if that’s a case number, use hyphens and not sashes to separate parts of numbers and always remember to keep the leading zeros. If there is a number at the end of the case number, you should keep it that way

What are the software requirements to view the content?

The Webcrims inmate lookup or the NYC judiciary case search, whatever the name it is still an online portal and it requires a computer or a smartphone to view the content, but that is the hardware part, there are some software requirements. It only supports three web browsers firefox(version 3.0 and greater), Internet Explorer(version 7.0 and greater) and Safari(version 3.0 and greater).