My Jury Duty Portal

Random selected officials will be structured as a jury in order to handle cases of legal issues. The trials of the clients will be heard and every procedure of the court like criminal prosecution, suit will determine what next to be done or compensation to be paid. Let’s know about My Jury Duty Portal in depth

LA Court Jury Services

The United States constitution has established a jury imposing the high end responsibility of completing the pending cases. The service division is created to assist every person who has issues in the court and he or she will be supported magnanimously by the qualified Jurors in order to serve the trial. The jurors are completely treated with respect because they contribute their efficient time and they would work for the better client’s experience. For more details, it is advised to visit the website to get the information regarding the jury service and what kind of contribution they would provide to the clients. Information also be given about summoning completion and Courthouse details.

My Jury Duty Portal online process

  • Enter into the website
  • Give your Juror identification number
  • Type your Pin number and the respective last name accordingly
  • Press button “submit”
  • You can find different tabs in “my jury duty portal”
  • The page is self explanatory to understand the process
  • Find out the enabled options to make necessary changes
  • If the options are disabled then it might be because of
    • Incomplete MyInfo details
    • Non registered service
    • Sanction failure to appear notice receipt
    • Excuse request made from juror
    • Approval pending from the court
    • Delay in online orientation

La Court – My Jury Duty Portal – Jurors Qualifications

To be a qualified Juror you need to have a decision making skill to assess perfectly with the other Jurors. Yet there are some prerequisites to be a qualified juror

  • Mandatorily to be an United States citizen
  • Having a fundamental knowledge of English
  • Los Angeles County Resident
  • Minimum of 18 years and maximum of no age limits exist in the jury service
  • No history of conviction
  • Shouldn’t be a trial or grand juror
  • Should not be a conservatorship appointed by the court
  • No penal records or sexual offences.

LA Court – Prerequisites to be a Juror

There is no fundamental rule involved to be a part of jury service but the random selection of computers will publish a record of the person involved in the trial jury. The information is being collected from the California driver licence or registration in Los Angeles County. Based on the required information cross-verification about the qualified person will be done and they would check out the possibility of serving the courts nearby.

Many have shown interest to be a volunteer but the civil procedure of California Court doesn’t entertain the volunteering nature for jury option. Random selection is the procedure involved from the reliable sources and if anyone is accepted volunteering for this kind of service will be considered as illegal acceptance.

People who have been called are randomly selected to be a part of this jury service will have only a single trial period of service. Maximum of 5 days would be allotted for the called people and in between any of these days they would be requested to report. If the person is called and has not been given any kind of courtroom on the day it means the service is over. Instead, if the person is assigned, then the requested person will be serving till the court excuses the person or till the case gets completed. gain access to the portal by logging to My Jury Duty Portal

What after receiving summons?

Once you get the summon you are forced to do the below steps

  • Jury summons section “A” needs to be completed
  • Call 213- 972-0970 to register after receiving summons
  • Registration is possible online by visiting the website
  • Once you register you would get the information about your reporting period
  • If there is no instruction to report within 5 days of your period it means your service gets completed for next consecutive 12 months
  • If you are called but still the case is been not assigned, then the service gets terminated at the end of the day
  • If you are called, case assignment is over and the case is not completed at the day end you would be called to complete the process of selection
  • If you found to be selected to serve the trial then the service term will be depending on the trial period

What is the procedure before appearing on a jury?

Multiple things are involved before you are legally appearing for the service

  • The first step is to approach your employer to inform the respective person about the received summon
  • Calculate the service days and the respective employer needs to pay for the assigned duty
  • To register for the respective Jury portal you have to call 213-972-0970
  • Online registration is also possible by visiting the website
  • While contacting, remember you need to keep your Juror identification number and pin number

Online orientation would be given to you in order to get the basic functionality of service and this will be your fundamental information before you start the jury service. Since it is online you can undergo the orientation programme at your home or in your respective office. If you have not undergone the online orientation, then while appearing for the service you will be oriented.

Rectification of incorrect information

There are various chances to provide incorrect details or mishap in the information is possible. At the time of appearance for the duty, the government would definitely ask for the ID card like drivers licence, passport which should definitely have the person’s photo with correct name and the person’s address. If in case the person has identified incorrect names in the record, the person is advised to directly approach the register office or the respective department for further details.

Change of address

Sorting out your incorrect address is possible by visiting the online website. You have to visit my jury duty portal and you can provide all documents to support your change of address. You are also requested to submit the proof for changing your address in the department of motor vehicles, registrar-records office. Every juror should make it an important point, that services division should definitely have correct details of the respective person who called to appear. It is possible to make your changes in my info page where section “f” is particularly allotted for changing your address of summons.

My jury duty portal Access

Juror identification number- this is actually a nine-digit number which can be taken from the badge area of your summon’s right side.

  • Open the website
  • Enter your juror identification number in the option JID
  • Type your personal identification number
  • Provide your last name as found on your summons
  • Click the option “submit”

LA court Jury Divisions – My Jury Duty Portal

The following are the Major Los Angeles County Superior Courts divisions;

  • The Appellate
  • Civil Grand
  • Criminal Grand
  • Family law

LaCourt Jury – The Appellate

The Los Angeles appellate division will be taking forward the Superior Court trials and also looks out for the evidence-based presentation. Different types of cases will be reviewed like small claims, infraction, and it is also related to all kinds of mentioned legal cases. For accessibility of appellate cases follow the below instructions

  • Enter into the link
  • Click the option appellate “access now”
  • It will redirect to work Appellate division page
  • Every detail related to the Appellate can be found

La Court Jury- Civil Grand Jury

Civil Grand jury is one of the types which functions significantly to deal with the county’s cities and other agencies. It completely watches the cases and also looks out for the government agencies operations within the county of Los Angeles. The role of investigation is liable to the operations, accountants, officer’s records which are categorized under the process of investigation. Individual complaints investigation is also processed


  • Grand jury examines the factors involved in districts, government and also checks out for the efficient cases handling.
  • It has the legal power to look out for the situation and the administration of jails
  • Frequent business meetings and committee meetings are conducted to prove the city operation and Government County districts.
  • Auditors’ findings will definitely help the Grand to enhance the administration ability of County, public services in order to serve efficiently.

LaCourt Jury- Criminal Grand

Unique structure and system is followed by the California Superior Court because it separately creates the Grand jury for criminal cases. It deals with the investigation of criminal activities and has 23 members and above to look after the cases. The county of Los Angeles separately establishes the Grand jury in order to give huge importance to the evidence base cases to penalize the crimes and to proceed with the trials in the respective superior Court. If the criminal jury decides that the person is suspicious strongly then the individual can be committed with the crime allegation.


  • Criminal Grand jury has a significant role in producing criminal summons against the accused individuals.
  • The person who is responsible to establish the indictment is the attorney of district or the attorney of general
  • For the indictment return, it is important to have 14 or more votes of criminal grand jurors

La Court Criminal Information Source

Any information about the criminal cases can be requested from the clerk’s office. The county of Los Angeles index list will be given and the request can be made through the mail.

  • La Court Jury- Family law
    Under this division called family law includes various issues like custodian of child support to the child, divorce and separation, law against domestic violence, mutual separation, marriage support from partners and other things associated to the family
  • LaCourt Jury -Juvenile
    This is one of the divisions of the Superior Court of California called Juvenile law. It completely handles the cases like children issues who are under the age of 18. It is divided into two courts and they are dependency and delinquency Court.
  • La Court Jury- Mental health
    The county of Los Angeles Superior Court has a separate case handling for mentally ill people and Los Angeles County is the only Court to have a case handling solution as a centralised process for the mentally disordered people. Also check about newyork court cases on webcrims ny

La Court Jury- Online services

Account creation

  • Visit the link
  • Click the option create an account
  • It will redirect to the users information page
  • Below the users agreement type in the box “ I agree”


  • Visit the direct link
  • There are two types of account called regular and prepayment
  • Choose the account type and you can find below the registration details
  • Create user ID with any letters or numbers with minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 characters
  • Create a strong password minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 characters. The password should have number, letter and special character
  • Confirm password by re-typing the same
  • In the account name options provide your last, first, middle or company name in the respective rows
  • Give your contact information in the telephone number option
  • In the credit card information detail provide your credit card holder name
  • Type your billing address
  • Choose the country from the dropdown menu
  • Select the respective state from the dropdown menu
  • Type your city or town in the option
  • Provide your postal code
  • Choose the credit card type from the drop down list
  • Enter the card number in the credit card option
  • Choose the expiration date of the card by selecting the month and year drop down list
  • Provide your email address
  • Press the button “add”
  • It will redirect to the new page
  • Press the button “manage members”
  • You are now added as a member to the respective account.

LaCourt Jury – Online Services Login

Those who have registered for the online service accounts can directly login to the link and get the necessary details

  • Visit the login link
  • Provide your created user ID
  • Type your password
  • Press the button “login”

Online Services- Forgot password

  • Visit the link
  • Select the option “forgotten password”
  • It will redirect to the forgot password page
  • Provide the created user ID
  • Press the option “submit”
  • Mail will be sent to the respective registered email address
  • You can reset the password option by clicking the link

Online Services- Forgotten user ID

Make sure that your email ID registered with the account creation is validated because if the account is yet to be validated then you cannot proceed further for resetting password or resetting the user ID. In such a situation if you have forgotten the password or user ID you can directly email with the following details to [email protected]

  • In that email do not forget to mention the registered full name
  • Provide the credit card’s last four digit number
  • Do not forget to mention the billing address
  • If your email is validated then follow the below step
  • Visit the link
  • Click the option forgotten user ID
  • Provide your email address in the option
  • Press “submit”
  • New email link will be sent to your registered email ID for resetting the user ID

Online Services- Adding members

  • Open the registration website
  • Register for an account
  • Enter into the website
  • select the button “manage members” which can be found on the “confirm user information” page
  • Select the option “add new member”
  • Press the button active
  • Select button “add”

It would require the members password change and the respective members have to do email verification immediately after logging into the My Jury Duty Portal website


What would be the state if the person doesn’t respond to the notice of the jury?

If the person fails to report to the service or does not adhere to the instruction subjected then the respective person is liable to pay fine. Alongside if the client is qualified for serving the notice then completion of duty is must

What is the procedure to get the last JID or pin number?

There are possibilities to lose your Juror identification number or the PIN number. In such a state you are directly advised to call 213-972-0970 where the team would provide you the JID and lost pin number during the working hours of time. If there is any mistake being made from the juror side while registration, the same procedure gets applied and you can choose the option called “chat” approach. The representatives assist you for correcting your mistakes

Can you say the procedure to file an appellate appeal?

Enter into the direct link
The appeal information page gets opened

Can you throw some lights on a civil case?

Any dispute that takes place between two individuals, two groups or organisations will be charged under the civil case. Majorly it could be due to
Any monetary damages
Compelled and forced action
Prevent someone to do something
Reason for somebody’s wrong action
Torts, breach of contract, employment, real property, affection are the basic types of civil cases.

How to change the information of my account for the online services?

Once you have registered with the website you become a member of the account. You can
Login to the account
Select the option “update my account information”
Find below the update user information and you can change whatever information you are requested t
Finally click the button “update”

Is reactivation of my online service account possible?

Of course you can reactivate your online service account by sending a proper mail to the following mail ID [email protected] For verification of your account you are supposed to offer the following details
Registered user ID
Credit card’s last 4 digit number
Credit card billing address
The account information will be reviewed and appropriate reply would be sent through mail whether the necessary information is enough or anything to be required.

What is the concept of multiple users accounts?

The jury Court is really providing wonderful online services where people can register their accounts as members or as multiple users. They can draw transaction processes from a single account under the concept of multiple users. The one who has a prepaid account with the online services will be considered as the administrator of the registered account.

What kind of advantages does the multiple users account have?

Under the multiple user account feature, administrators will be holding the other accounts details and the other members will not be eligible to get the details of the credit card, personal information given in the account. The account administrator has the complete authority to source information and takes the transaction reports.

What do you mean by transaction summary report?

Nearly six months of transaction summary report can be taken and information has the following details;
Date of the report
Receipt number
What kind of type it is
Retrieve documents
Payment charged

What kind of information is necessary for case document search?

Case numbers, parties first and last names, and company name are the basic requirements for searching the case. In the absence of case number you can make use of the option searching by name. In such a state of name search, additional charges will be incurred.

What do you mean by regular account under the online service?

Regular account is particularly structured for the individual user. The model is very simple like pay while you search and credit card verification will be considered for every attempt of transaction. Charges applicable according to the search schedule.

What is the meaning of prepayment account?

This is completely different from the regular account because a prepayment account is structured for the business users. The amount whatever the user deposits will not be considered to be refunded and it does not wear any interest as such. The authorisation of credit card will not be needed for the transaction of the user who has the prepayment account.

What kind of features multiple user accounts can have?

Online services of Los Angeles superior Court encourage multiple user’s accounts where a single person will be holding the administrative control. The person who actually does the account registration will be considered as the administrator and he can only be permitted to access the required information. Member management is also possible under the multiple user account where the account administrator only will be assigning the username and password whenever the administrator adds a new member.

How to go about Case access for Appellate?

The superior Court of Los Angeles produces the information in the website and also declares that this website is to get every case detail. If any detail is found inaccurate or the validity has to be checked the court does not owns the liability
Enter into the website
Click the first link Case access- Appellate “Access Now”
Redirects the case access page
Provide your case number
Click the option “search”

Can you say the process of Case access-Civil?

This site is to get information related to your civil cases, claims, family law cases and probate
Enter the case number
Select the filing Court house by choosing the dropdown menu
Click the option “search”

What is the Case calendar- Civil?

This helps to get the accessibility of your case’s calendar and explore your civil cases
It redirect to the accessibility of civil case calendar page in
Two boxes are given like search by case number and search by location
In the first left box enter your case number
Click the option “search”
In the next box choose the date “from” and “to”
Select the court house by using the drop down menu
Click the dropdown option to choose the department
Press “Search”
Similarly for other kinds of online services you can directly access to the website services/ON0001.aspx and get your respective search by opening the right link

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