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NYS unified Court system has established an online tracking information service which helps people in seeking case related information online. Anyone can use e-courts information service for free and can search the future date appearances with regard to the criminal and family cases. Alongside information related to the active and disposed cases in the courts like supreme, civil can also be checked. Email updates would be received once you sign up for the tracking service options enabled by e Court. Case appearances would be mentioned in the tracking service and you can expect the reminders for your case available in civil and Supreme Court.

NYS unified Court system has subsidiary courts like

  • eTrack
  • Webcivil local
  • Webcivil supreme
  • Web criminal
  • Web family

Let’s check out each court’s system and procedure

  • WebCivil Local
    Web civil local offers cases in all levels with regard to the New York State local civil courts. Case searching can be done with the help of index number, suitable party name, name of the attorney or judge and you can get calendars for a firm or a particular attorney.
  • WebCivil Supreme
    Webcivil Supreme has information related to active cases and also disposed cases in Supreme Court. Cases for all 62 New York State counties can be found. The same searching procedure applies for searching web civil supreme cases too.
  • WebCriminal
    WebCriminal contains details related to the pending cases and can get the future appearing date under criminal jurisdiction of New York State courts.
  • WebFamily
    WebFamily gives family court cases’ information which is active in New York State and also shows cases found in the Integrated Domestic Violence counties. Cases can be searched with the help of docket number or file number in order to generate a pending cases list which needs to be submitted to the attorney.
  • eTrack


New York State unified Court system helps you to avail the tracking service for free of charge. It also increases to track the online cases found in civil local, supreme and family courts. Alongside you can get criminal cases which are found in local supreme courts available in 13 counties. Once the email addresses are provided, updates would be sent if there is a time change or any kind of shift that takes place in the case management options. You would also receive the reminders through email regarding your pending case appearances. eTrack is one of the options in Ecourts NY

How to create an etrack account?

Creating an etrack account is simple and you can find below the steps to make you create an account in the fastest way.

  • Open the website
  • Click the e-track link which is found on the left side option.
  • It redirects to the login option
  • Click the button “Register”
  • Screen opens with the account creation details
  • Type in your first, last name
  • Key in your attorney registration number
  • Attorney registration number is optional and not that only attorneys can create account
  • Choose a username
  • Provide your email address for verification
  • Press the option “Submit”

Immediately after the completion of the above steps, an email would be sent to your respective email ID in order to complete your confirmation.

  • Click the link found in the email and it gets redirected to the screen for account completion.
  • Choose a strong password
  • Choose a clear question and answer in order to reset your password, if in case in future you tend to forget.
  • Press the “Submit” option

Registration process gets completed and further account maintenance screen gets opened

How to login eCourts NY?

  • Open the link
  • Login screen gets opened
  • Type in your username in the user ID column
  • Type your password which you provided during the registration
  • Press the “login” option

How to Reset ecourts ny Password?

  • Open the login screen link
  • Click the option “forgot e track password”
  • Type your registered email address or you can give your username
  • Press the “ button” submit
  • Link would be sent to your email address
  • Click the link and you would be redirected to the screen of forgotten password
  • Type in the answer for the question you selected at the time of registration
  • Type your new password which needs to be entered twice
  • Do not reuse the password which you have used before
  • Click the option “submit”

eCourts NY Account Maintenance – General understanding

Immediately after the registration completion process, you are directed to the account maintenance option screen. You need to remember this option every time you open your e-track account.

  • How to get started with cases?
    Maintenance of cases: Get the case list of your tracking service in order to receive the modified notification about the chosen and removed cases which you are not following.
    Case view- Case lists that you are tracking can be taken in print
    Calendar view- This is the option to get your cases in the calendar form
  • Supreme Court – Cases
    Including case into an existing one- This option is to know the inclusion of web civil supreme cases and you can search by selecting the court cases
    Including a pre – RJI – Request for judicial intervention is not in process in order to add cases manually
    Including civil Court cases- Attorney/Firm- Searching every active case allotted for a particular attorney is possible which also enables you to get verified to track your cases
  • Localcivil court – Cases
    Including case into existing- This directs you to the web civil local cases to search and select cases
    Include every local Court cases-attorney / firm- This is very helpful to include active cases for a determined attorney/firm in order to complete the verification to track all active cases.
  • Criminal court – Cases
    This allows you to add and search for the web criminal cases. Also check about the webcrims

Webcivil – Supreme and local cases inclusion – eCourts NY

Active cases need to be included for a specific attorney for which we have to clearly understand the steps involved.

  • Open the e-track link
  • Choose the option “Search” to get civil Supreme Court or Civil Court cases
  • Type in the attorney name
  • Click the “Search” option
  • Choose the attorney name on the screen
  • Click the button “next:
  • You can get the displayed active cases of that specified attorney.
  • Every case tracking is noted by the e tracking service.
  • Choose the cases which you want to include into the existing one by simply checking out the box “add case”
  • Click the option “next”
  • The chosen cases will be projected both in the email option and the reminders of future appearance dates.

Webcivil Local – Ecourts NY

Index Search

  • Open the web link
  • Select the “Index search” option
  • Page gets redirected
  • Read the terms of use
  • Select the option “I am not a robot”


  • Click the “Index search” option found on the left side of the column
  • It will redirect to the web civil local case search page
  • Search option is opened, where you can use your index number to get the cases
  • In the index number box, enter the number and for example, you can find the sample format given below
  • The dropdown option offers the case type selection and also the court code
  • Below the index number box click the dropdown sort by menu
  • You can find the options to choose like plaintiff name, defendant name, court and appearance date
  • If you want the document in HTML you can check the HTML option or you can check the PDF option, if you want it in the PDF output
  • Press the button “find case”

Party search – NY Ecourts

  • Open the
  • Select the “Party search” option
  • Page gets redirected
  • Read the terms of use
  • Select the option “I am not a robot”
  • Web civil local-case search page gets opened
  • This page is absolutely to search through party names
  • Enter the party name in the in the option party name
  • Select the suitable party represents by checking the box “plaintiff” or “defendant” or “either”
  • For the limited search and for the faster result, below the search box you can find the court options to be selected
  • For multiple Court selection, the control key needs to be held and you can choose the court to include
  • Choose the drop down menu option of case type
  • Select the dropdown menu option of year of filing
  • Check the case status “Open” or “All”
  • Check the box “Yes” or “No” for the “Return only cases with future appearances” option
  • For the results click the dropdown menu of sort by and choose the right option
  • You can create your output either through checking the option html or PDF
  • Click the option “find case”

Attorney/ Firm

  • Open the
  • Select the “Attorney search” option
  • Page gets redirected
  • Read the terms of use
  • Select the option “I am not a robot”
  • Web civil local-case search page gets opened
  • This page is absolutely to search through attorney names
  • Enter the attorney name in the option
  • Select the attorney represents by checking the respective box


  • Open the
  • Select the “Judge” search option
  • Page gets redirected
  • Read the terms of use
  • Select the option “I am not a robot”
  • Web civil local-case search page gets opened
  • This page is absolutely to search through Judge Name
  • Enter the Judge name in the option
  • Select the Judge represents by checking the respective box

Webcriminal – eCourts NY

  • Open the link
  • Read the terms of use
  • To continue to the page check the box “I am not a robot”
  • The page gets redirected

Case identifier option

  • Click the first link case identifier option which allows to search the respective case with the help of case number or summons number
  • In the case# option enter the case number
  • Or
  • In the summons# option enter the number
  • Limit your results by choosing the county or quote by clicking the dropdown option
  • Output format can be chosen by selecting the right option on display search results
  • Click “Search”
  • Results get displayed either on page or if you have chosen PDF option then the PDF output is received

Defendant name

  • Click the next option defendant and search in the web criminal main link
  • Enter the first and last name of the defendant
  • Or
  • Type the corporation name
  • Limit the results by using the county or court in the dropdown option
  • Select the output format as on the page or PDF document
  • Press the button “search”

Court calendar

  • Click the option court calendar from main link
  • Select the respective Court
  • Choose the start and end date
  • Choose the court option or you can provide the last name of Judge
  • Choose the output format as you wish
  • On this page
  • PDF document
  • In email
  • Press the button “search”.
  • That’s how you access webcriminal portal using NY ecourts.

Webfamily Cases – eCourts NY

  • Enter into the link
  • Read the terms of use
  • Click “I am not a Robot”
  • The page is redirected
  • Select the option file/docket search found left side of the web page
  • Select the required code in the dropdown option
  • Give the file number or your single docket number in the respective rows
  • Example of the docket number format is given below the boxes for your understanding
  • Click the right option for “please select sort order”
  • Click the option “show future appearance”

Attorney search

  • Open the link
  • Read the terms of use
  • Click “I am not a Robot”
  • The page is redirected
  • Click the attorney / firm search option
  • Enter the attorney’s last, first and middle initial names in the respective boxes
  • Or
  • Enter the attorney’s first name in the box
  • Click the option simple search for attorney name / firm name.
  • Now ecourts ny will list all the records matching your criteria


What is all about the NYS unified Court systems e-track or ecourt ny?

E track is an online system enabled for the case tracking service method, introduced by the NYS unified Court system. It is helpful for the person to track any cases in web local, web civil supreme and web criminal from the New York State counties.

Which are the courts found in web civil local?

Web civil local has cases including local civil courts from 61 counties of New York State. If you would like to know the complete list of web civil local courts, find in

What kind of case types are found in webcivil local (ecourts ny)?

Commercial claims
Civil cases
Small claims
Transfer from Supreme Court

What is the reason for not finding my case even after keying in the defendant’s name in the search option?

The defendant’s spelling should be verified before you enter and you have to type the last and first name in order. Check the search default options whether you have selected the defendant’s name as option.

If a person has a case in the small claims Court of New York city, why is the detail not available online?

Small claims cases in the New York City civil Court is not available in the tracking option of web civil local

The information for/about an attorney is not correct and what is the procedure to change?

The detail is maintained according to the court changes and the dictionary is followed respectively. It is better to directly contact the court to get the proper changed information. Or
The attorney registration information can be checked online at
Select the option attorneys
Click attorney directory

List out the courts found in web civil supreme

Web civil supreme has cases in New York State 62 counties. For more details visit the link

How to get information from web civil supreme?

Getting information from web civil supreme is possible by entering into their case management system since all cases are electronically moved to web civil supreme online format. The court staff would have uploaded the database and you can get the e filed documents at New York State courts e filing system. If you find any error data you can inform the court directly because the e filing system cannot make any changes.

What is the procedure to get the accessibility of web civil supreme mobile application?

To get the accessibility it is informed to use the registered e track username and password for logging into the web civil supreme mobile application. If you are not registered with an etrack account then you have to create.

What is the procedure to search the scanned decision?

The simple and the quick way to search the scanned decision is by utilizing the case’s index number. You can also alternatively check for a text search and you need to use the exact name or the specified expression which can be found in the decisions link.

What is the alternative way of getting documents other than the online facility?

There are chances for not finding your cases online. In such a situation it is informed to contact the county clerk office directly, where exactly the case is processed. You can find the information section of the county clerk in “resources” and get the needed address, contact numbers and other details.

Can you highlight the courts of the web family?

Integrated domestic violence and also family courts are found in the NYS unified Court system. For further needs, it is informed to contact the website to get the detailed information.

Can we find the display of every case?

Future appearance cases only can be found displayed on the web family calendar. If in case you require any adoption related to the cases you have to get it directly but not online.

Even after entering the docket number, it shows no record. What could be the reason?

While typing the docket number you need to ensure whether the number is in exact format as mentioned in the column. Also check the additional characters present in docket number.

Where to find the web family resources?

Open the link
Select the resources in the left side of column
You can find the relevant information in the web family resources

What is the purpose of checking decisions?

New York Court establishes the decisions online in order to inform the general public. Appeal, emotions made on that day will be published in the decision list. Exclusive writings about the particular case will be published separately and it can be found on the decision list.

Can you list out a separate link for each Court?

Main homepage-
Webcivil local-
Webcivil supreme-
Webcivil family-

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