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This is an exclusive website to offer data and services about geographic and land information to the Dane county citizens, business bureaucrats, Government and public departments. In short it can be said as a subsidiary of Dane county land information council. If you are looking for land records search, you can visit the website

How to register on access dane?

The first time users have to understand the registration process. Let’s get started with the registration procedure and find below the steps involved.

  • Open the website link
  • You find this exclusive page to create your account
  • Provide your email address
  • Confirm your email address by re-typing the same
  • Create a strong password
  • Confirm the same password by typing again
  • Give your full name in the necessary field
  • Type in your address, City, state, zip code and phone number
  • Press the button “create account”
  • Your account gets created

*Important note for password creation

  • Minimum of six characters should be maintained
  • The characters should have both upper and lowercase alphabets
  • The password should also have a number or a special character

How to login to access dane?

This section is going to explain the user login steps to the access Dane. Find below the login process.

  • Open the website
  • Login page gets opened
  • Provide your username or the registered email address
  • Remember the password what you have created during registration, type in the same password
  • Click the button “login”

You are logged into the website

What to do if you forgot access dane password?

There are chances to forget the password for which the users can reset by adhering to the following steps

  • Open the link
  • It would require either username or the registered email address, fill the necessary option
  • Click the button “request password reset”
  • Link would be sent to your registered email ID
  • Click the link and it would ask for reset password
  • Key in the new password and confirm the same
  • Your password reset is done

Parcel search on access dane

The purpose of the access Dane websites to get data and services related to the land or geographical location. This is going to brief about how parcel searches can be done and what kind of steps are involved in it.

  • Enter into the website
  • The main page of website gets opened
  • You can find the option called “parcel search”

Under which you find different categories like owner, address, parcel and advanced search
Owner: The first option is searching with the owner details where you have to type the name of the owner and select the entire option
Address: This option helps you to search with the address for which you should type your property address and click the option search
Parcel: with the help of parcel number you can quickly search. Key in your personal number and enter “search”

Advanced search

This option exclusively explains how different kinds of advanced research are found. Find below the details clearly for easy search. Once you click the option “advanced search” it redirects to a new page where you find different sections of land records search and they are,

  1. Owner
  2. Parcel address
  3. Parcel number
  4. Township, range, section
  5. Plat or Survey Map


Click the option owner
Type your business name
Provide your first name and middle name
Search your municipality and click the correct municipality option
Click the button “search”

Parcel Address

  • Type in the house number
  • Click the prefix direction and select the exact one
  • Provide the street name and click the street type dropdown menu to select the right Street
  • Click the municipality search all option and click the required
  • Submit the “search” button

Township, range, section

  • Click the search all in municipality option and select the required municipality
  • Click the section and select the right number
  • Press the dropdown arrow of township, quarter range and quarter-quarter and choose the necessary

Plat or survey map

  • Click the option plat type
  • Select the right from three options like certified survey map, condominium and subdivision

Property and Real estate

This option is going to make you clear regarding personal information, real estate records, and foreclosure & property sales

Parcel information

Under the category you can search results for real property, assessed tax details and also zoning information

Opt out

  • Open the website
  • Click the first option “instructions to opt out of property owner name publication”
  • It will redirect you to an opt-out page
  • To begin the opt out process the following instructions need to be adhered
  • Type the exact name as found on the tax bill
  • Click the “search” option

If you witness above one match, then you have the list of parcels options
Select the right parcel from the displayed list


If you see a single match then you get the property’s parcel report
Select the blue color padlock icon, which is found next after your name in the section of parcel information.

  • This option needs to be assigned for every owner and co-owner who wishes not to be in the internet published details
  • Keep following to the remaining instructions and proceed to the opt out process
  • Check whether the name is confidential and nearby your name red locked padlock icon should be found
  • Press continue and it would redirect you to the link for verifying your details

Restoration of owner’s information

  • Open the link
  • Click the second option instructions to restore owner information
  • Request form gets opened where the necessary details need to be filled
  • Once you complete the request form Restoration of owners name into the website of access dane gets completed

Tax payment

  • This process explains you to pay your tax online
  • Open the link
  • Select the third option “pay property tax online”
  • This link can be used to pay your property tax online if it is a convenient option for you.

Real estate Records

  • Open the link
  • Click the option master street lookup
  • It redirects to the page
  • This page helps you to provide answer for your master road in the streets found in Dane county
  • Type in the street name in the street option
  • Click the dropdown menu in municipality to search all municipalities
  • Select the right municipality
  • Click the “search” button

Foreclosure and property sales

Under this category, a Tax Deeded land sales link needs to be opened in order to know the context. Sale of deeded land details will be offered by the Dane county treasurer on a regular interval basis. This gets offered under the sections created by Wisconsin statutes. The treasurer of the finance committee under the Dane county board of supervisor has power to manage, sell and approve the tax deeded lands. Sale notice will be published by the treasurer by describing the sale parcel, appraised value, and availability date of parcel to buy.

While purchasing the property the first priority will be given to the previous owner. Notice will be shared by the treasurer for the redemption of tax deeded land to the first owner or the previous owner by properly communicating through mail with receipts to the former owner’s address for documentation.

Former owners cannot use the privilege if he or she is not purchasing within 60 days of notice or announcement made from the treasurer’s office. The treasurer will not be empowered to sell the tax deeded land to the former property owner unless and until he has paid all his duty taxes on time with interest and penalty if so.

On the mentioned sale date the treasurer has all privileges to accept parcel offers for the announced sale of tax deeded lands. He is responsible to sell off the parcel to the person who bids high which is to be equal or should be an exceeded appraised parcel value.

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What is access Dane?

Access Dane is created to offer online accessibility to the Dane county who look for geographic and information related to land. This creates and publishes the accurate information especially on date details to the uses. It publishes the maps according to the property listing which is for official records compilation. 

What is the contact detail for getting more clarification about tax deeded land sales?

The user or the person who looks for information can check the link tax deed auction website
The user can make a direct contact to the office of Dane county treasurer by dialing 608 266 4151

Expand GIS and LIO

GIS- Geographic information system
LIO- land information office
Both the services are offered by access Dane

Explain Dane county open data

This portal is exclusive to explore and download geographic information system data. This platform is free of charge and you get unlimited web applications discovery and also receive geographical contents from the contributors of Dane county.

For what purpose urban service area information is used?

Urban service area information is completely used to view the resolutions of plan and also the plan maps.

What is the purpose of the opt out option by the property owners?

Dane county has an authority to publish the property owners name in the electronic format. Access Dane parcel information has this public view benefit. If the property owners do not want their names to get listed, they can remove their names by requesting the Dane county office.

What is the access dane contact information?

For more questions, clarification about the website or to share feedback related to any errors and omissions, you can directly mail to the following email address.
[email protected]

Is there any option to share feedback?

Open the website
Below the webpage click the contact us option
It will redirect to the feedback option
Click the option feedback form
Feedback form box would pop up

What kind of information the feedback form has and explains the procedure to fill?

Open the link directly [email protected]/home/contact
Click the feedback form
The popup box would ask for following information
Select the industry or profession option
The top the dropdown menu would list the necessary details
Feature parameters are to be scored according to the satisfaction level
If you have any exclusive comments to be shared other than the feature details you can write down in the comments section
Press the button “submit”

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